Enterprise Planning

The team is mainly engaged in the development of smelting and casting equipment related to the material control specialty. The main technologies developed include: various energy-saving technologies for electric heating and gas heating, environmental protection technology for light alloy smelting, vacuum smelting technology for the production of high-performance light alloy parts for military and aerospace industries, and intelligent control technology for complete sets of equipment. The melting and casting equipment developed by members of the team mainly serves the casting and production fields of light alloy parts such as automobile, 3C, high-speed rail, electric tools, military and aerospace related magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy. The products developed are directly oriented to industrial enterprises, and the technologies involved include structural design, power system Design (various mechanical transmission, hydraulic and pneumatic), combustion system design, and so on Various electric heating system design, equipment automatic control system and program design, equipment remote wireless control system design and integration. Invest in R & D and innovation, train and recruit talents through actual combat, retain talents through equity incentive, think for customers, do a good job in technology, products and services, consolidate the expanded technology field and market, constantly expand new technology and new market areas, gradually open the distance from competitors, and lead the high-end development of the industry.


Hubei Qihong thermal equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Huangjinshan Development Zone, Huangshi National Development Zone, Hubei Province on May 15, 2017. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production, sales and technical services of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy casting technology and equipment. The company is composed of a high-quality R & D personnel and technical management personnel. Since the establishment of the company, there are 5 doctors and 3 masters. The core team members have been engaged in R & D, production, sales, after-sales and management in this field for more than 18 years. It is the first team engaged in the development of magnesium alloy melting and casting equipment in China, and the first one in the field of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy casting equipment for a long time in China Line R & D work, mature technology, comprehensive, rich experience, innovation and pressure, can quickly according to customer needs to make technical solutions and rapid implementation. The company takes "pragmatism, quality, service, innovation, win-win" as the business philosophy, adheres to the pragmatic, practical and innovative design, strict control on quality, timely and thoughtful service, all for the sake of customers, to create value for customers as the premise to achieve self-worth, win-win cooperation, to replace the international top peer products as the goal, constantly temper one in the actual combat Support a strong team to face greater challenges, innovation, and constantly create greater value for customers, society and employees.

Priori principle
As long as the user has emergency maintenance needs, in order to ensure that the service personnel can rush to the site to deal with the problem, the equipment can be restored to use as soon as possible, the user's loss is reduced to a small extent, and the repair process becomes a comprehensive display of integrity, strength and speed, so that users can rest assured and users are satisfied.
Inspection Service
We send after-sales service engineers to carry out routine inspection on the equipment. If defective parts are found, our after-sales engineers will report to the users in time and provide our solutions, and rectify them with the permission of users.